High-Throughput Experimentation Centre Ghent

A bridge between organic chemistry, HTE, and artificial intelligence

Our mission

Our mission is to boost the discovery of small molecule research by implementing state-of-the art high-throughput experimentation. HighTru is a bridge between organic synthesis, automation and artificial intelligence, by incorporating the technology reaction platforms for parallel and/or serial experiments, robotic tools for lab automation, and the appropriate informatics and IT.

We want to support and collaborate with local, regional and international companies, as the HTE technology is broadly applicable in the chemical and pharmaceutical field. Further we aim to train a network of professionals by providing companies and academic groups access to the HTE equipment, and as such facilitating the innovation of the future.

Our vision

HTE is well-known and accessible in biology, but access to HTE technology for chemical research is limited. Therefore, we have built an HTE-centred lab which is operational since spring 2024.
Reaction platform versatility

Reaction platform versatility

The lab will provide state-of-the-art reaction platforms for conventional, high-pressure, photocatalytic, and electrochemical reactions, both in a modular setup as well as via an integrated robotic system.

Small scale, automated solid and liquid handling

Small scale, automated solid and liquid handling

Reactions will be miniaturised to a 10 to 100 µmol scale, enabling reaction screening and compound characterisation, aided by semi-automated pipets and automated solid handling equipment.

High-throughput analysis and data

High-throughput analysis and data processing

The set-up allows a fast sample preparation combined with a state-of-the-art UPLC–MS platform, using a software platform for high-throughput experimental design, sample analysis and data processing.